Kitchen Kudos

Kitchen Kudos

The kitchen, food, is always the heart of home. The kitchen is where some of our happiest memories originate, where our bellies, filled, and social liasons persist.

We use our kitchens more than any other room, but it is easy to almost forget the time we spend and the beauty of the workspace around us. The kitchen’s appearance falls off as a priority as we focus on everything that needs to get done. Considering how much time we spend in the kitchen, it deserves to be a beloved spot in your home – a place that you look forward to being in.

Given how often we utilize our kitchens, it’s reasonable to invest in updating it. It’s possible to bring your dream kitchen to life with just a few changes here and there – and it doesn’t have to call for a major overhaul. Here, the best real estate brokers in Santa Barbara discuss kitchen upgrades that will transform your space into the welcoming and luxurious home it rightfully is.

Revamp your countertops

Countertop trends come and go, from formica to tile, from tile to granite and now we have quartz and marble, countertops make the kitchen sing when fitted with an overall look.

Counters have the magnificent effect of creating the aesthetic for the entire kitchen design. Whether you’re looking at laminate, granite, quartz, or ceramic tiles, there are a so many options to choose from, understanding the best investment for your real estate dollars is imperative.

Granite, once high in demand, has now fallen to the wayside in favor of engineered quartz surfaces. Since granite is a type of natural stone, it requires periodic sealing to maintain its integrity and to prevent stains. Determining countertop update needs and determining how much time, effort, and money you are willing to invest in your dream kitchen is where you want to start to make the best investment.

Invest in Splash

A backsplash can have a major impact on setting your kitchen’s tone.

This specific paneling, usually located behind a sink or stove, protects the wall from splashes during food preparation. Considering their prominence, they are a critical element to consider when designing your kitchen. Start here and take time. There are many, many choices! Ceramic tile offers heat-resistant properties and immediate wow-factor, but require a bit more attention when cleaning due to their grout lines. Other options such as glass panels and natural stone backsplash are easy to clean and project a modern aesthetic.

Backsplashes should never compete with your countertops’ design and color. A difficult contrast between can create an overwhelming and messy environment.


Cabinet Cache´

Cabinets aren’t just for the storage, they are the very pinnacle of the kitchen at eye gaze level. If you like the style of your current cabinetry, opt for cabinet refacing or a fresh coat of white (again so many choices - of white!) paint. If you plan to upgrade your kitchen with a full remodel, nothing says luxury quite like custom cabinetry with under-cabinet lighting to accentuate your beautiful countertops.

Light it up 

Lights are like tiny pieces of art!

Choosing whether to go big will depend on your overall style, and the size of your space. If your kitchen is otherwise clean and neutral, and not in major need of a complete overhaul, adding unique light fixtures or installing a statement chandelier can dramatically change your kitchen’s character.

Before going off to your local lighting store and buying every unique hanging light fixture you can lay your hands on, take some time to consider what kind of an atmosphere you are trying to create for your kitchen. Do you like quirky and campy? Bold colors? Or will you embrace simplicity and cleanliness, with notable details called out against a more austere look. Light helps add warmth to the space as well as enhance the colors of your cabinetry, windows and kitchen counters.


Faucet Fixation

Chances are you’ll want a new faucet and sink. Farmhouse sinks are very popular in Santa Barbara real estate where local homes are often updated and shown by top notch Santa Barbara agents.

Your kitchen’s overall look will be reflected in the tone of the fixtures and better, it’s quite easy for homeowners to do themselves. This can be as simple as replacing out-dated knobs and pulls with unique fixtures. Luxury living truly finds its way in the details, especially cabinet hardware. Additions like these will make it look like your kitchen was custom-designed and increase the value of your real estate.

Affordable and very DIY friendly, changing hardware will make a big change in your kitchen’s feel.

Get Floored

If you have room in your budget for it, upgrading your floors will be the wow factor of your dream kitchen. Updating your kitchen flooring will make a big impact and Real Estate agents agree that floors definitely see a return on investment with beautiful new floors!

Whether you’re looking for marble tile, wood, bamboo, laminate, or something else, revamping your kitchen floors will make a big impact and you’ll definitely have your guests ask you about it. Depending on the material you choose, your current flooring situation, and who you’re working with, you may need to add as much as a month to your remodeling schedule. When you are looking to get new flooring, take a sample of your backsplash with you. A luxury aesthetic is never overwhelming, contrasting, or overly busy.

Kitchen Dreams Come True

Making your dream kitchen in your Santa Barbara home can add up, but remember that you can take it in stages and it doesn’t have to happen all at once. The kitchen is an integral part of every household, and should be a place you enjoy as you cook, as you plan your remodel and as you invest in your home and the value of your real estate.