Online Brokerages vs Agents?

Online Brokerages vs Agents?

While automation will lead to change in the way that Brokerages do business, certain tasks such as staying up to date on local zoning and building, gauging sentiment, and persuading clients, require agents to make buying and selling a home a pleasurable and professional experience for the homeowner.

Sold For Less

Without a doubt there are circumstances where having your home sold for less is, well better. There are others, when having an opaque insight into the plan to sell your home, an agent with little knowledge and limited professionalism is -just less. For consumers trying to navigate this new market, it’s tough to know where to turn. Interview both traditional and online Brokerages and agents. But is that enough to make savvy decisions about how to sell your home? The new options have just increased the bar of what a home seller or buyer needs to research and know to be an informed client. Not to worry; let me see if I can help.

You have probably heard of some of the new online only brokerages aiming for a cut of the business. Technology start ups are spending millions trying to understand the new demographics for determining real estate success. As consumers use the world wide web, Google and others are measuringpsychographics, the art of how real estate demand is a factor of personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles. So where’s the hurdle?

Can’t We Get Along?

According to an article co-authored by 8VCmost Brokerage owners “believe that successful real estate platforms will augment agents with data and tools to accelerate their business and serve their clients better.” With AI doing everything from writing articles for the NY Times to diagnosing rare diseases, it’s tempting to think anything we can do a machine can do better. But as Joe and Drew put it, automation can only take you so far, “Certain tasks should and will be automated, such as scheduling and paperwork. But coordinating with other agents, staying up to date on local politics, gauging sentiment, and persuading clients requires a human touch.”

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